Thursday, January 11, 2007

Top Chef -- Michael sent to Grill Steaks in the Great Beyond

Like almost everybody I know, I'm into "Top Chef." This season has been better than last, mainly because they replaced trophy wife hostess Katie Lee Joel with superior trophy wife hostess Padma Lakshmi. This week's episode saw line cook Michael Midgley sent packing. It's too bad, really. Michael was just coming into his own. For the first six or seven episodes, his answer to every challenge seemed to be, "I'm just gonna grill up some steaks, man. Who doesn't like steak?" Apparently, the judges didn't, since they hated just about everything he cooked. Until last week, when he won not only the Quickfire Challenge as well as the main challenge. His trout- envying-salmon dish was not only high concept, but also looked delicious.

Chow has up a great interview with Michael, in which he trashes his nemesis Tom Colicchio, tells a harrowing story of getting his wisdom tooth pulled in South Central, and explains that none of the challenges are as frenetic as they seem on the air. Oh, and Michael has a totally kickin' MySpace page ("Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta," indeed.), complete with candid, behind-the-scenes photos of the other "Top Chef" contestants. God, I hope his publicist didn't create it.

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