Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Few Quick Things

  • If you're like me, you have hours and hours of free time everyday. I like to fill my days watching cheese age. Of course, I also watched a video with the headline "Monkey and Dog are Best Friends" about five times. (via The Grinder)
  • Every time I leave the supermarket, the Girl Scouts hit me up to buy more of their delicious little cookies. Because I am a man of superior discipline, I've only succumbed once, getting a box of Thin Mints and a box of Samoas (Damn those Samoas are good). The Bon Appetit blog has some nice looking recipes for ice cream pie that will get rid of your surplus Girl Scout cookies in a quick and delicious manner.
  • EatingLA has a review of Il Capriccio Pizzeria. I agree with most of the points, but I still think it needs a little more cheese.
  • Tomorrow I will try to post a review of Square One, where Edan and I had breakfast on Sunday, but I make no promises. I'm planning on watching the NCAA Tournament and baking. Because that's how I roll.

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